The leading software for creating and managing custody agreements

Create a complete parenting schedule in minutes, with visual timeshare charts. Use 140+ stipulations to create a detailed parenting plan. Share the calendar, plan and reports with clients and with the judge.

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Try the app for free, but without printing, exporting or calculating.

Pro Silver
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  • Create client schedules
  • Make written parenting plans
  • Monitor client messaging
  • Have up-to-date notifications
  • Calculate time and overnights
  • Prove client time with graphs
  • Review client journals
  • Examine client expenses
Pro Gold
Billed $297/year; save $147

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  • Create client schedules
  • Make written parenting plans
  • Monitor client messaging
  • Have up-to-date notifications
  • Calculate time and overnights
  • Prove client time with graphs
  • Review client journals
  • Examine client expenses
Money back guarantee
If you're unhappy with your subscription – for any reason – we'll refund it immediately.
Just click the refund button inside the app within 30 days of subscribing.

Great software with a lot of functionality. Well worth the purchase to reduce the risk of conflicts.

Nikolaos K.
Custody X Change user
Reasons to sign up today
Help your clients communicate civilly
Our parent-to-parent messaging tool detects hostile language and lets you view conversations.
Skip the tedious work
Instantly calculate parenting time, easily create clear schedules and effortlessly print parenting plans.
Reach better client outcomes
Your clients gather evidence of what's actually happening, and you can see it in real-time.
Impress your client and the court
Even veteran judges regularly comment on the quality of our documents, charts and reports.
More accurate child support orders
Stop estimating time or overnights in child support calculations and instead use our precise calculator.
Customer testimonials

Clear and concise calendars

Custody X Change is excellent for showing my clients various options and printing out clear and concise calendars for both parties.

Steven Cilenti Jackson, CA

Much easier

I practice family law and have to come up with placement schedules and calculations of overnight periods. This program is going to make my life much easier!

Ann Brandau Onalaska, WI

See child support consequences of options

I got the Custody X Change software so I could give my clients a printed Calendar. Also, in New Mexico, there can be a significant change in child support from 'Schedule A,' where one parent has responsibility for less than 35 percent of the time, and 'Schedule B,' where each party has responsibility for more than 35 percent of the time. On borderline cases, it is important to know the possible child support consequences of various options.

Don Harris Albuquerque, NM

Gave me the upper hand in a variety of situations

I am a subscriber to Custody X Change, and have used your program for the last 2 years. It has been such a successful tool for me, that an associate in my firm has expressed interest in using the program in his cases. Your program has really given me the upper hand, in a variety of situations—I absolutely love it, and I'm impressed by your customer service. I really can't say enough good things about Custody X Change!

Becky Jacobs Lake Charles, LA

Greatly reduces misunderstanding between the parties

I use Custody X Change in domestic relations mediations. It saves a lot of time, and allows me to model the various suggested parenting plans as the final agreement evolves. Both the written parenting schedule and the graphic display do not allow for any gaps in the plan and greatly reduces any misunderstanding between the parties. Several judges and attorneys have commented on the clarity and precision of the final plan.

Charles R. Meers Louisville, KY

I recommend it to other family law practitioners

I have used the Custody X Change software in some complicated custody cases and have found it a very useful tool. Many people are very visual and the ability to lay out custody schedules years in advance has been helpful. I have found the software very easy to use and would highly recommend it to other family law practitioners.

Meredith W. Ditchen Oakley, GA

Frequently asked questions
Can I access my calendars and other client data from my phone / computer?
Yes, you can access all of your data at any time, from any device or computer. Everything is stored online, in the cloud.
Do you have an app?
Yes, we have apps for Windows, iOS and Android, but they're not in the app stores. App stores charge a 30% fee on every purchase. To avoid passing that extra cost on to you, we're using a method that installs directly from the browser.
Can I share the calendars and plans I create with my clients?
Yes. Your client will get an invitation to purchase an account, and they will have full control over the data. You can also see a notification when they make a change.
How secure is my data?
Very secure. Your data is encrypted in our database and in transit. Our system validates every request to ensure only you have access. And we further protect the confidentiality of your data through legal means.
Can I share my login with another person in my firm?
No, each person needs their own login, including assistants, paralegals, and other attorneys in your firm. However, all the client data is shared if you purchase additional users from your account.
Can I purchase as a billing-only user?
Yes, purchase just the number of licenses you need for active client work for your group. You can then assign yourself as a free billing-only user after you purchase.
I'm a family court judge. Can I really use it on the bench for free?
Yes, we let family court judges and other government agencies use the Pro Gold for free. Create a free account using your official email address and then send us a message.
I work in legal aid. Can I use the software at a discount?
Yes, if you work in legal aid we offer a 50% discount. Create a free account using your work email address, and then send us a message before you purchase.
Is this a tax-deductible expense?
Yes, legal professionals can deduct the cost of this software as a business expense. You can also bill your clients for the time you spend using it on their behalf.
Can I cancel my subscription if I'm done using it?
Yes, simply log in and click the "Cancel subscription" button in your account settings. Even after canceling, you have access to your paid features until your license expires.
If I upgrade, can I get a credit from my current purchase?
You have one week to get a 100% credit; after that, the credit is pro-rated based on how much time is remaining on your license.
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